Hoop Loop

2012 – 2013

Hoop Loop was an app I developed with a designer friend to track the scores and statistics of pick-up basketball games. It’s interface was very customized and relied heavily on swipe gestures, to make data input easy while keeping your eyes on the game. It supported a wide variety of rules sets and tracking options.

Inputting scores

The interface for inputting scores was swipe-based, so that info could be added without having to look at the phone screen. You swipe one side of the phone to add points to that team, hold the other side of the screen while swiping to enter a missed shot, and swipe in horizontally to enter fouls. This interface involved the balance of many gestures.

Color picker

The color picker uses a custom input view to choose from a set of preselected colors, and holding on a color swatch lets you select a lighter or darker tint.


A scrolling collection of all actions that have been entered, developed before UICollectionView was a thing. You can edit or delete actions, select the action to see the score at the time, and re-order actions. All changes made in this view are non-destructive and can be undone.


Custom-built interactive charts visualize information about the game.

Start Process

A number of custom-built settings screens walk you through the setup process of a game. These can be quickly breezed-through if you want the same settings as a previous game, or carefully tweaked for a specific kind of game.

All in all

Hoop Loop was an interesting project both for it's highly-customized interface, and for the UX challenges of handling users who wanted to track in more or less detail, or with different sets of rules (NBA, NCAA, FIBA, and NFHS games all come with their own overtime rules, period-breaks, methods of tallying fouls, and more), while still maintaining flexibility for casual users in pick-up games.

More Information:

  • Design:
  • Role: All of development
  • Development: Me
  • Front-end:
    • iOS
    • Objective-C
    • Core Data

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